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“Hallucination” is a series of Relief Prints created from 2018 to 2021. This body of work reflects the artist’s experiences as a foreigner living in the United States, specifically Mankato, Minnesota. 


This series is a surreal print collection in which Vietnamese legends and customs are employed in the Mankato landscape and infrastructure. Along with showing appreciation for Mankato, where the artist has been staying for nearly six years, she also wants to introduce to its residents the different aspects of Vietnamese culture.

“Hallucination” has eight original prints and matrices that scale from small to giant depending on the context. The materials vary from wood to linoleum to copper, and they are meticulously carved and printed directly onto Eastern papers. The artist has signed and numbered these prints specifically for this exhibition. 


The main concept of this print series is a parallel world where borders and crossing culture are not problems; where the environment, the people, time, and space have no limitations.

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